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What is Smart Hotel

04 Jun 2018
What is Smart Hotel
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What is Smart Hotel System?

Simply put , Smart Hotel is a system that aims to replace registering to a hotel, opening doors, changing lights and powering on the plugs with the press of a button (on your smartphone). Furthermore ,the personal smart mobile device boom offers new opportunities for improvement. Presuming that every employee and guest has a personal device we can create a virtual alter-ego of that person. Their device can communicate with the hotel server and thus be given access to room controllers.

What do I need to use the Smart Hotel system

To take part in the Smart-Hotel experience, a user must possess a smartphone running Android , have the Smart Hotel app installed and be registered in a hotel that uses the Smart-Hotel system. Being a prototype, no current hotel has this system implemented but ,for demos , we use a small house to show exactly how the project works. 

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