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Why Most of The Hotels Using Smart Door Lock?

Dec 15, 2022
Why Most of The Hotels Using Smart Door Lock?
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Why Most of The Hotels Using Smart Door Lock?

Hotel Smart Locks not only make your hotel safer and more secure, but they will also add convenience for hotel guests staying at your hotel. This is the reason why more and more hotels are using smart door locks to replace traditional door locks.

Modern security technology provides hotels with wireless smart door locks that can be opened using, passcode, key cards and mobile credentials.

How wireless smart door locks add convenience for hotels?

Hotel Smart Door Lock Offer Greater Protection and Security

The most worrying aspect of staying in a hotel is its security. Smart door locks can help to improve security operations, because with hotel smart door locks, hotels can assign access PIN codes or provide key cards only to certain guests authorised to enter their hotel rooms. This prevents theft case happens or guests from entering other people's rooms, so, they can only enter the rooms they have reserved.


Increase Hotel Staff and Guest Conveniences

During the check-in process, hotel guests able to enter their rooms with just a key card, PIN or mobile device. Some of the hotel smart door locks will show history logs, which allow hotel staff able to look back past hotel guest check-in and out times.

Smart Operating Systems

Hotels can provide their guests with RFID key cards or magnetic key cards not only to unlock the door locks but also to ensure the lights and electricity turn on automatically when hotel guests enter the rooms and turn off when they leave the room. This helps hotel guests feel safer and more protected while staying at your hotel. This can make the hotel more environmentally friendly and sustainable while also lowering its monthly costs, especially its electric bill.

Save Operational Cost with Technology

Hotel Smart Locks greatly reduce hotel maintenance and replacement costs. Installing smart door locks in your hotel will increase operational efficiency, because all you need to do is assign hotel guests a key card, passcode or mobile access. Also, smart door locks enable the doors to lock and unlock automatically with keyless, saving time and reducing the risk of lost productivity.
The convenience, flexibility and wide variety of security hotel smart door locks that keyless locks offer hotel businesses are clear solutions, looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs and increase operational efficiency.

Teamcore Resources supplies hotel door lock system and digital door lock to many local projects in entire Malaysia including Selangor, Penang, JB etc. If your hospitality properties eg hotel, resort, apartment, condominium, hospital are looking for quality digital door lock or hotel door lock system, contact us to get free consultation.

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Best hotel lock for your hotel in Malaysia

Nov 26, 2021
Best hotel lock for your hotel in Malaysia
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Best Hotel Lock for your hotel in Malaysia


Hotel Lock – RFID card, Password, Smart phone access

Digital hotel lock system 
Digital door locks are the most innovative options available. To operate, this kind of locking system needs electricity. There should be a stable source of energy, and thus, you need to install a cable as well. Digital systems are very handy and provide a wide range of functions and features – for example, you may set a specific time for the door to lock and unlock automatically. Nowadays, you can even or use your smartphone to open the door via WiFi or Bluetooth!

Types of hotel lock from Teamcore Malaysia

The RFID hotel lock system

RFID stands for 'radio-frequency identification', which means recognition through electromagnetic waves. The contactless transmitter-receiver system identifies objects and people by using radio waves. It can be combined with an electronic hotel door lock. In this case, a special chip must be programmed and built into a small transponder, placed on the door. The authorization check is performed by the data transfer via the radio frequency. Depending on the provider, the guest's transponder can look like a key fob, card, smart wrist band, etc.

Pin code hotel door lock

This type of locks can be opened with a correct sequence of digits, entered on a keypad or touchpad. The input field is usually attached to a wall at a maximum of 50 cm from the password hotel lock. Among other useful features, the hotel lock management software allows recording the time of access. Compared to the touchpads, keypads are splash-proof, have a smaller surface area, and thus are less vulnerable.

Bluetooth or WiFi hotel lock

The locking system with a smartphone app control is still relatively new. It allows users to enter the room or apartment using Bluetooth technology or WiFi. Their possibilities and functions are endless! For example, you can significantly improve customer experience by combining the Mobile Check-In option with a possibility to open the door with a smartphone. This will save your guest’s time and let them avoid queueing at the reception. These locks can be easily integrated with your current Property Management System. The only drawback is that guests must always carry smartphones with them and keep the battery charged.

Teamcore Resources supplies hotel door lock system and digital door lock to many local projects in entire Malaysia including Selangor, Penang, JB etc. If your hospitality properties eg hotel, resort, apartment, condominium, hospital are looking for quality digital door lock or hotel door lock system, contact us to get free consultation.

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Which Hotel Door Lock is Right for Your Hotels and Resorts?

Oct 22, 2021
Which Hotel Door Lock is Right for Your Hotels and Resorts?
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Which Hotel Door Lock is Right for Your Hotels and Resorts?

Your hotel lobby, front desk reception, and guest rooms all set the tone for your guests' experience, and they all share a property asset that has a surprisingly large impact on that experience: your electronic hotel door locks.

Is there a line for your guests to obtain their key? Do the electronic locks complement the hotel's interior style or stand out as bulky and out of place? Is the security of the keycards guaranteed? Is it true that they work every time?

Returning to the front desk to replace a faulty keycard is a sure way to make a poor first impression. The hotel sector is increasingly implementing contactless keyless entry systems, allowing visitors to bypass the front desk entirely and access their rooms via their mobile devices. In other words, if your hotel visitors have to think twice about locking the doors, that's two times too many.

Upgrading your locks is a once-in-a-decade expenditure for many hotel owners, so selecting the correct match is critical. We've put up an overview of lock technology, varieties, and major providers to help you navigate through your options and decide which is best for your property - and your visitors.


What is the technology behind hotel door lock system?

Anything that goes beyond the typical metal key and lock's physical access methods will use technology. This technology authenticates the key, causing the hotel door lock to open and close. The various choices differ primarily in how the ''key'' is encoded and subsequently communicates with the hotel room lock's reader.

Each choice has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, the locking system you select will decide the types and providers of smart locks available to you, so this is the ideal place to start.


Card with a Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic key card technology first appeared in the 1970s, and it constituted a significant advancement in lock technology. This small, plastic keycard features a magnetic stripe that is encoded to function with a specific guestroom lock, similar to a credit card. When a magnetic key card is swiped in the magstripe reader on the correct guestroom door, the door is unlocked for a certain amount of time, usually several seconds. The magstripe scanner, like other electronic hotel locks, is powered by batteries, which normally last 12-18 months before needing to be replaced.
Advantages: At their pricing point, magstripe keycards can be single-use, and they've been the industry standard electronic locking system for decades. This option is likely to be well-known among your guests.
Disadvantages: Demagnetization is a common occurrence. If a guest inserts a magnetic key card near an electromagnetic field (such as a smartphone or television), the encoding may be damaged, resulting in a failure (and a trip to the front desk for a replacement). Dirt and dust collection in the card reader slot can potentially impede lock operation. Magstripe cards are rarely reused by hotels, resulting in an unnecessary recurring expense and environmental issues.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID keycards hotel door lock employing Mifare technology just need to be held up within a few inches of the lock to get entry. The electronic locks have an RFID module that broadcasts a signal over modulated radio waves that triggers an in-range keycard to submit its unique encoded guest access information, which the module then authenticates to unlock the door.
Advantages: RFID keycards and locks were created to eliminate the drawbacks of magstripe locking systems. Hotels can also re-use RFID keycards.
Disadvantages: RFID keycards are expensive for replacing keycards that are not returned, misplaced, or stolen (which can also pose a threat to guestroom and hotel security).


BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Today's mobile key solutions are powered by BLE technology. These locks, like RFID and NFC locks, constantly broadcast a signal that awaits interaction with an encoded key, though the key is digital in this case. Initially, however, Bluetooth locks were ineffective for hotels, necessitating battery replacement every six months.
Advantages: BLE locks have a battery life of 12-18 months and have both BLE and RFID modules, allowing them to be operated using a proximity card or a digital key. With BLE module lock modifications, RFID-only locks can also be readily and economically fitted. With BLE, hotels don't have to replace keycards as frequently, and visitors spend less time waiting at the front desk because mobile keys allow for contactless check-in. Guests can also use hotel mobile apps to get digital keys, which provides a direct marketing channel for hotels to generate more revenue.
Disadvantages: Hotels had a hard time convincing customer to download their hotel mobile app for digital key access for the first few years with BLE locks and digital keys.


The Importance of Hotel Lock

Hotel guest door locks have come a long way from the mechanical lock and metal key of the past. Hotel door lock technologies and hardware available today can dramatically improve your hotel's visitor experience — one door lock at a time.
Teamcore Resources supplies hotel door lock system and digital door lock to many local projects in Malaysia. If your hospitality properties eg hotel, resort, apartment, condominium, hospital are looking for quality digital door lock or hotel door lock system, contact us to get free consultation.

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How to Solve The Hotel Door Lock Problems

Sep 24, 2021
How to Solve The Hotel Door Lock Problems
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How to Solve The Hotel Door Lock Problems 

With smart key card RFID hotel door locks’ popularity, more and more hotels have begun to use  RFID keycard hotel door locks as necessary hotel room management locks.
But while using the smart RFID hotel door lock to bring convenience to the hotel, do you also encounter some hotel door lock not working?
So when these hotel door lock problems arise, do you want to determine where the hotel door lock problems, and the troubleshooting?
If yes, this article will bring you the most comprehensive list of common hotel lock problems, troubleshooting, and solutions.
First of all, we need to understand the structure of the most common hotel door lock types to find the problem location when solving the problem quickly.
Then, some common issues and causes of RFID card hotel door locks will be introduced in detail and simple solutions.

Hotel Door Lock Structure

According to the packaging, the smart card hotel door lock comprises two parts: the lock mortise and the lock panel.

Hotel Door Lock Panel

The hotel door lock panel is divided into front and back panels. The front panel comprises a hotel lock mainboard, an exterior door handle, and a mechanical lock cylinder.
The back panel comprises an interior door handle, hotel door lock battery packs box and a thumb knob. The front and back panels are connected by two handle spindles inserted in the lock mortise and then joined by fixing screws at four corners. The exterior handle can be used and opened after reading the card, and the interior door handle can be used to open the door at any time from inside.

Hotel Door Lock Mortise

The lock mortise is the core component of the hotel door lock, responsible for the hotel lock’s main locking work. The deadbolt is controlled by the thumb knob of the interior handle, and the lock latch bolt is governed by the handle on the front and back panels.
The mainboard is connected to the lock mortise, and the lock mortise is connected to the battery for the power supply.
The above is a simple description of the hotel lock structure.

What are the hotel door lock problems and how to solve

Hotel door lock problem 1: The door is opened without pressing the handle after it is closed.
  • It may be that the lock strike of the hotel door lock is not installed correctly, causing the latch bolt to fail to pop out or the latch bolt to be inflexible and unable to pop out.
  • The hotel door lock battery is insufficient. After opening the door, the battery is low, and it usually becomes open if it is not locked.
How to solve:
  • Adjust the lock strike to the right position.
  • Replace the hotel lock battery.
Hotel door lock problem 2: All hotel master cards and guest cards cannot open the door.
  • The battery is dead or installed incorrectly;
  • The lock body power cable is off;
  • The door lock is not authorized;
How to solve:
  • Check the battery and install new hotel lock batteries;
  • Reconnect the cable between mainboard and hotel lock batteries pack;
  • Reread the authorization card;
Hotel door lock problem 3: The hotel master card can open the hotel lock, but the guest room card cannot open the hotel door lock.
  • When the buzzer beeps three times “di,” “di,” and “di,” and the motor does not sound, it is caused by the wrong setting of the room number card;
  • When the buzzer emits a beep, and the motor does not sound, it is caused by the inconsistency between the hotel lock time and the computer time;
  • The card has expired, or the hotel door lock time is wrong.
  • The room number may be wrong.
How to solve:
  • Reset the room number card for the hotel door lock, and then reset the management card and the new room number card;
  • Reissue the time card on the computer, and then go to the door lock to reread the time card.
Hotel door lock problem 4: The master card can open the door, but the guest card cannot open the door, and the latch bolt doesn’t pop out.
  • The latch bolt of the lock mortise is damaged. That is, the guest card, floor card, building card are used to open the door, the indicator light does not light, the motor does not sound, and the door does not open with two beeps;
How to solve:
  • Replace the lock mortise;
Hotel door lock problem 5: The master card and guest card cannot open the door, the indicator light is on, the motor sounds in the lock, and the hotel door lock handle is idling
  • The positioning point on the exterior door handle is not aligned with the positioning arrow on the lock mortise;
  • The spindle of the handle is not put into the square hole of the door handle;
  • There is no spring in the door handle square hole, and the spindle of the door handle retracts into the handle square hole;
How to solve:
  • Align and fix two points;
  • Reinstall the spindle of the hotel door lock handle;
  • Reinstall the handle spring;
Hotel door lock problem 6: the hotel door lock handle cannot be automatically returned.
  • The door leaf opening is skewed or too small, and the lock mortise is twisted after the panel is installed, causing the handle shaft not to move smoothly;
  • The handle shaft hole is too small. When the handle is turned, the screw that fixes the handle on the panel will touch the door leaf;
  • The panel installation is skewed, causing the handle square rod to always be under force;
How to solve:
  • Correct the door opening;
  • Enlarge the handle shaft hole;
  • Adjust the position of the panel;
Hotel door lock problem 7: alarm after closing the door, stop after 30 seconds, the red light will flash for a while
  • The handle hole of the panel is too small, and the handle is obstructed and cannot return automatically;
  • The position of the gusset plate on the door frame is not installed correctly, causing the diagonal tongue to be unable to extend or not to extend;
  • The door opening is too small, or there are foreign objects on the sidewall, which hinder the movement of the inclined tongue assembly, resulting in the inclined tongue cannot be extended or incompletely extended (see the extension length for details);
How to solve:
  • Expand the handle hole;
  • Adjust the position of the buckle box cover (usually move inward to the center line of the wall);
  • Expand the door opening or clean up foreign objects;
Hotel door lock problem 8: The red light keeps flashing and alarms after opening the door
  • Generally, the battery voltage is too low after a period of use.
How to solve:
  • Replace the battery;
Hotel door lock problem 9: When the lock is opened, the door is heavy when closing the door.
  • The gap between the door frame and the door on the side of the lock is not adjusted correctly (the gap is too small, and the door is heavy when opening and closing the door)
How to solve:
  • Adjust the gap between the bolt panel and the door frame patch to keep the gap within 3-5MM
Hotel door lock problem 10: No sound, no light, no motor action when sensing the RFID card
  • Is the battery installed in the door lock;
  • The connection line is not in the excellent contactor is misconnected;
  • Whether the sensing panel is damaged.
How to solve:
  • Install new batteries, check the connection lines, and replace the induction panel when handling.
Hotel door lock problem 11: Greenlight and motor sound when swiping the RFID card for induction, but the door cannot be opened
  • This failure is usually that the iron bar between the front panel of the smart lock and the lock cylinder is not connected correctly, or the lock cylinder has been damaged.
How to solve:
  • Open the smart lock panel and check.

Teamcore Resources supplies hotel door lock system and digital door lock to many local projects in Malaysia. If your hospitality properties eg hotel, resort, apartment, condominium, hospital are looking for quality digital door lock or hotel door lock system, contact us to get free consultation.

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How Do Hotel Door Locks Work?

Sep 3, 2021
How Do Hotel Door Locks Work?
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While specific hotel door lock systems may vary by hotel, chances are they use one of the following hotel room door locks:
  1. Magnetic Door Locks
  2. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Door Locks
While both options are still widely popular today, RFID hotel door locks are becoming more prevalent for their ease of use, updated security, and keyless solutions.
While magnetic key card door locks are an affordable option for hotels, they do have some disadvantages:
  • The magnetic strip is prone to wear and damage, as is the card reader.
  • It’s easy to lose, making security more vulnerable.
  • Inexpensive devices can easily hack these cards affecting security

RFID Hotel Door Lock System

RFID hotel door lock system offer hotels and guests more options than traditional magnetic key card door locks. RFID technology is widely used in various industries for tracking inventory and controlling access. When used for hotel room access, RFID door locks utilize a combination of the following components, depending on the system:
  • RFID door lock card reader
  • RFID key card or key fob
  • Mobile device
  • Bluetooth compatible smart device
The RFID hotel locking system does not require users to insert or swipe a card. Instead, it uses proximity and radio frequencies to communicate with the RFID reader on the door. Containing similar information as magnetic key cards, hotels program RFID key card, or smart device access when a guest checks in. When waved in front of the card reader, the key card or smart device quickly communicates the user’s info with the door lock reader, verifies authorized access, and unlocks the door to the user.

Advantages of RFID hotel door lock system

  • Smart device access improves security.
  • It is not necessary to have a physical card that can be easily lost.
  • If RFID cards are used, they are more durable.
  • With no swiping or insertion, it eliminates wear and tear to the reader.
  • It can be programmed to allow or restrict access to hotel amenities and other access points.
Teamcore Resources supplies hotel door lock system and digital door lock to many local projects in Malaysia. If your hospitality properties eg hotel, resort, apartment, condominium, hospital are looking for quality digital door lock or hotel door lock system, contact us to get free consultation.

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Hotel Door Lock System - 4 Purchase Decision Factors in Malaysia

Aug 20, 2021
Hotel Door Lock System - 4 Purchase Decision Factors in Malaysia
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Hotel Door Lock System - 4 Purchase Decision Factors

Hotel door lock system has traditionally been selected during the construction phase of the hotel in Malaysia. The reason for this is that the doors need to be ordered and prepped for the particular hotel door locks well in advance of the opening of the hotel. Especially for new builds, many times the decision on which hotel door lock system and hotel lock are chosen is made by the owner/developer and design/construction team. Most of the time the operational personnel who typically use the system (such as front desk, housekeeping, engineering, security and IT) are only brought on board closer to the opening of the hotel. As such, the input from these departments is not factored into the overall hotel lock system selection process.
The other way that hotel door lock systems are usually installed is during a time of a refresh or room upgrade. Due to the cost of the hotel door lock system, it is usually incorporated as part of an overall renovation. Again, the design team usually has a heavy hand on the overall decision making, and in most cases aesthetics and cost usually win over functionality and proposed security. However, there is the potential for operational, security and IT input into the overall decision making if the ownership group involves the property itself in the project.


Hune 930-6

4 factors involved in the decision of which hotel door lock system to purchase:

  1. How long the owner intends to keep the property. If they intend to sell the property in the next few years, they may opt to install a less expensive hotel lock system. If they intend to keep the hotel for the long term, they may be convinced to install a quality system that will last for a long time.
  2. The interface to the PMS. However, Hune hotel door lock system can also be linked to energy management and room automation systems, among others. As such, their ability to integrate, and in some cases share networks, can be reasons for the selection of a particular system.
  3. Hotel door locks should meet the fire rating code requirements. In most instances the doors need to be fire rated and the hotel door locks may impact the rating to the door. If the hotel locks contain plastic components, the question arises as to whether they are susceptible to melting as a result of the heat and will this affect the ability of a person to open the door and potentially escape a fire. While this has not appeared to have been an issue up until this point in time and most of the locks appear to be code compliant, it may be worthwhile looking into this issue if the hotel is contemplating the replacement of the system.
  4. Most of the traditional hotel door lock systems were controlled by the engineering department. They serviced the hotel locks, replaced the batteries, and in some cases interrogated the hotel locks when required. They were able to do this as the hotel door locks were primarily stand-alone devices and had limited interaction with other systems. This has all changed. Today’s RFID networkable hotel door lock systems interact with most key operational departments and are primarily the responsibility of the IT departments. The result is that the system has become much more than just a locking system, and due to the fact that it typically resides on the hotel’s administrative data network, it means that the hotel door lock system needs to adhere to the same security protocols and requirements as the rest of the applications. For this reason, many hotel door lock manufacturers request that the security team, as well as the IT and engineering departments, be involved in the selection process. The question then arises as to whether the hotels are equipped to address the change in roles, given that many hotels no longer have dedicated IT staff onsite to assist with the support of the network and system.
Teamcore Resources supplies hotel door lock and digital door lock to many local projects in Malaysia. If your hospitality properties eg hotel, resort, apartment, condominium, hospital are looking for quality digital door lock or hotel door lock system, contact us to get free consultation.

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Advantages of hotel card locks compared to conventional mechanical locks

Jul 23, 2021
Advantages of hotel card locks compared to conventional mechanical locks
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Advantages of hotel card locks compared to conventional mechanical locks

Most hotels in Malaysia are using traditional mechanical locks. Opening the door with the key makes it difficult to ensure the safety of the guests staying and control the room rental activities in the hotel. From there, the hotel card lock was born. It has many advantages over traditional mechanical locks. RFID card lock is a digital electronic lock that only uses a RFID card to open the door. With this type, only the cards registered in the device can enter. Therefore, there should be a high level of safety and security.

High security of RFID hotel card lock

Mechanical lock:
When the hotel accidentally loses the key, the hotel runs the risk of having to replace the entire lock assembly. Because if bad objects pick up the key, they will easily break in.
RFID card lock:
Each card has its own management authority and only unlocks within the allowed range. The locking system has the function of setting the operating time of the card. Therefore, the hotel manager will easily manage the time in and out of the guest's room. Hotel lock system memory capacity remembers more than 200 last accesses. All stored on key software. When needed, the hotel manager can check on it such as room registration, check-out, etc. In case the guest loses the card, just notify the hotel manager, that key card will be disabled immediately and replaced with a new card later. Besides, the setup of RFID cards is done entirely on the software system and is very difficult to fake. Each card is installed with its own code and password, very safe. The hardware of the lock is made of super durable stainless steel over the years, suitable for the environment and climate of Malaysia.

Hotel lock with RFID card is extremely compact and cost-effective

Mechanical lock:
The user must carry the keychain with him at all times and always worry about losing the key, unable to open the room door and the bad objects picked up to break into the room.
RFID hotel card lock:

The key becomes compact like a luxury ATM card put in your wallet and other documents and don't worry about losing it. The software can run on most operating systems and is easy to use. It does not require high configuration computer. Cards can be written and erased many times and support to update new features for free.

RFID card lock is easy to use and manage

Mechanical lock:
To unlock, users usually take a few minutes to insert the key into the lock. Sometimes it takes even longer because the lock is clogged. In particular, if you have to carry a lot of things, unlocking is very inconvenient and time consuming. The hotel manager cannot control all employee and guest room movements and know if the guest has checked out or overstayed. In particular, in the event of loss or damage to furniture, the manager cannot attribute that responsibility to anyone because he does not know who enters the room at that time.

Hotel lock with RFID card:
To open the door, you just need to gently swipe the RFID card through the slot, when the light is green and there is a beep, the door will open after a few seconds. Thanks to that, opening the door is quick, convenient and easy. Especially, for the elderly and disabled, digital hotel locks become very useful, helping them not to spend too much effort to open the door. The hotel manager holds the master card authority to control the RFID cards of guests and employees. As well as easy access to operations again thanks to the software system connected to the key. In the event of loss of hotel and guest belongings, the manager can check the entire entry and exit process in that moment to find out who stole it.
Teamcore Resources is proud to be the leading and best supplier of hotel door lock system in Malaysia. We are also Hune digital door lock and hotel door lock authorized distributor in Malaysia. Contact us now for a free consultation and get the best price.

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Reasons To Upgrade To Keyless Electronic Digital Door Locks

Jun 25, 2021
Reasons To Upgrade To Keyless Electronic Digital Door Locks
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6 Reasons To Upgrade To Keyless Electronic Digital Door Locks

When it comes to home security, you do not want to leave any stone unturned. In an age where everything has become digitized and interconnected, right from integrated home automation systems to smart bulbs and smart speakers, there is a need for a rock-solid digital door lock system for your home. Big old padlocks with rusty keys are a thing of the past and newer keyless digital door locks have plenty of advantages over them. It is time for you to upgrade? First learn all about the benefits of a keyless electronic digital door lock.

Keyless Entry Is Convenient

Once you upgrade to keyless digital door locks, the biggest noticeable advantage you will feel is the convenience by which you can enter your home. There will be no more fumbling for keys in your purse or pocket and no more wiggling of your key in the slot and praying that it opens. All you have to is to enter your code on the panel and you’re in. Depending on the type of system you opted for, you can also use your smartphone for entry, or keep the key fob in your pocket and open the door without taking it out. A digital door lock with remote also helps you unlock your home from a distance.

You Can Never Be Locked Out Of Your Home

With an electronic digital door lock, the possibility of forgetting your key inside and locking yourself outside is virtually impossible. Since most digital smart locks offer multiple ways to authenticate yourself, all it would take is a fingerprint scan, a numeric keypad entry or a simple tap of your smartphone if you ever forget your key fob. You can even wirelessly open your door from your office if your child just came back from school early and found himself or herself outside his home without a key.

You Can Keep An Eye On Who’s Coming And Going

Digital door locks for home allow you to link passwords and pins to various members of your family. You will instantly get to know who has come into your home judging by the pin that was entered. This helps immensely if you want to make sure your children have safely reached home.

No More Hiding Keys In Insecure Locations

The first things burglars do when attempting to break into your home is check under the doormat or in the flower pot for a spare key. This habit is extremely risky since it may cause a burglary in your home with great ease. A smart digital door lock is so convenient that you can never lock yourself out, thus allowing you to never keep a key under your doormat ever again.

They Can Be Customised

An external digital door lock can be customised to your needs since they have many in-built features. Want to allow a maximum of only 3 entries before the system locks out? Done! Want a new pin code for each of your family members? Done! Want to change all your codes every three months? Done! All this allows you to keep your digital lock for years and years without replacing it.

Advanced Security

You can opt for digital door locks that have additional features within them. Some advanced systems contact the authorities or the security company if multiple incorrect pins are entered, suspecting an unauthorized entry. Some features allow you to reset your lock wirelessly if you suspect a burglary, in which case all existing codes will be wiped out and only one master code will be operational. These benefits of digital door locks are so overpowering that nothing should stop you from upgrading to a digital door lock system.
Teamcore Resources offers some of the most state-of-the-art digital locks that you can browse through on our website. Get yourself one today!
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Which industries can use Digital Door Lock in Malaysia?

May 28, 2021
Which industries can use Digital Door Lock in Malaysia?
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Which industries can use Digital Door Lock in Malaysia?

In recent years, the smart home and AI industries have developed rapidly. Digital door lock is smart home entry level product, people's demand for digital locks soared. Digital door lock is different from the traditional mechanical lock. It is a combination of security, convenience, advanced technology lock.

So where can digital door lock system and digital locks be applied?

1. Commercial office

  1. Through the APP lock system, the manager can automatically check the attendance of employees and record query;
  2. If the company is stolen, the manager can use the digital lock system to automatically query the information of the last leaving office employee from the APP lock.

2. Family Residences

  1. The owner can use fingerprint door lock for home to manage permissions on the fingerprint. Avoid changing the new lock every time when you change your babysitter.
  2. When the fingerprint lock is opened illegally, it will alarm automatically and send an alarm message to owner at the same time.

3. Residential apartment

  1. Owner can remote to add or delete users of the WiFi lock and remote control unlock or lock the door.
  2. Only through the authorized fingerprint or card can open the fingerprint lock into the unit. It can ensure the safety of the owners and standardize the management of the community.

4. Hotel

  1. Through the smart card lock management system, you can provide guests with a variety of check-in and unlock mode.
  2. In addition to using the room card to unlock the card lock, guests can also use the room card to consume in the hotel.

5. Airbnb or rental

  1. Tenants can view the house before renting without manual guidance. The landlord can remote control the digital lock to unlock or lock.
  2. If the tenant forgets to bring or lost the key card, the landlord can use the system to send a temporary password to tenant for one time unlocking. It will save the trouble of sending the door key manually.
  3. The system can view the occupied and unoccupied houses online, show the number of the houses. It will remind the landlord to arrange house rental in time.
If you are looking for a digital door lock, we provide digital lock installation in KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor etc. Contact us now to get a suitable digital door lock.
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Digital Door Lock for residences is a potential market in Malaysia

May 7, 2021
Digital Door Lock for residences is a potential market in Malaysia
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Digital Door Lock for residences is a potential market in Malaysia

There are dozens of digital door locks on the market today, but most devices are designed for single-family homes.
Why does this matter? In a multifamily building, smart locks have two equally important users: The property manager and the resident. Devices built for single family homes aren’t designed to cater to both.
Times are changing, though. More technology companies than ever are intentionally trying to serve the multifamily market.
Smart locks for apartments should meet a few fundamental requirements: the bare necessities. Make sure your smart lock checks these boxes:

1. Multiple, customizable user permission levels

Smart locks built for single-family homes have limited and unchangeable permission levels. Multifamily properties need smart locks with multiple, flexible permission levels to unleash their full potential
Unlike single-family homes, multifamily buildings need at least three different permission levels for their smart locks: The landlord or management staff, the resident, and third party service vendors. Management is a little different at each property, so customizable permission levels are a must.

2. Temporary digital keys

Residents love the convenience of temporary digital keys and the peace of mind that comes with knowing who has entered their apartment and when. For property managers, e-keys make maintenance calls easier. Instead of picking up a physical key from the maintenance office, staff can remotely access units to fulfill work orders, saving time and money for the property.
Temporary digital keys also prove the need for multiple permission levels. Single family smart locks might allow residents to create keys, but it’s critical (and the law) for property managers to have access to units as well.

3. Integration With Access Control System

Temporary digital keys are not very helpful if the dog walker a resident order can’t get into the building. That’s why property managers need to choose a smart lock that integrates with their access control system.
For a more turnkey solution, many properties are turning to smart apartment management platforms that connect smart locks and access control, as well as with thermostats, HVAC systems, property management tools, and more.

4. Fire Code Rating

Multifamily properties are held to a different safety standard than single family homes, especially for fire safety. Smart locks must meet the same fire safety requirements as other building materials. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.
Building materials used in multifamily construction– including walls, doors, and locks– must receive a fire resistance rating from an objective research group like Bomba Certification in Malaysia. Fire resistance rating is defined by how long a material can survive against direct flames.
Many smart locks, even those regularly used in multifamily properties, do not meet the fire safety requirements in most states. This is not only a safety issue, but a regulatory concern depending on your state building code. Make sure the smart lock you choose meets your area’s fire code.

Introducing the smart lock from Hune H330 in Malaysia which fulfil all the requirements

  • Multiple, customizable user permission levels
  • Temporary digital keys
  • Integration with Access Control System
  • Fire Code Rating

Hotel Door Lock Supplier Malaysia

Apr 9, 2021
Hotel Door Lock Supplier Malaysia
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Hotel Door Lock Supplier Malaysia

If you are running a hotel or resort business in the hospitality industry in Malaysia, you will need to find the hotel locks suppliers who can offer a hotel door locks system which are friendly to operate, stable, effective and of course comes with a reasonable price.

What are the latest trends in the hospitality industry? Well, it goes without saying that the coronavirus outbreak and ensuing safety measures have had a significant impact on hospitality throughout 2020 and will no doubt spill over into 2021 and beyond. However, through our empirical knowledge, we can know that travelling or tourism has become a universal hobby around the world. The non-stop growing of tourism, also raise a considerable number of problems, the most obviously one would be the hotel management.
Multiple solutions are already offered, nowadays, most hotels are equipped with smart digital door locks. But the optimization of the solutions is still worth our attention and dedication. And one of the most important part of the hotel management is the door lock to every door in your hotel. And here’s why the hotel operator would want to seek the good hotel locks suppliers who can offer the best hotel door lock systems.
There are actually a lot of factors a hotel operator should consider when this question comes across. For example, the materials of the door locks, the capacity of the battery and the battery consumption rate, the stability of the door locks, the security level of the door locks, the hotel key card issue system, the operation system of the set, the PMS software user interface, etc. given all these aspects a hotel operator should consider, he/she would be able to choose the right hotel locks suppliers to get what they need.
There are actually tons of hotel locks suppliers or manufacturers in this world. But here I shall introduce TEAMCORE RESOURCES, you may have never heard of us, but we hope we could offer another choice for you and see if we can meet your needs, among all the hotel locks suppliers out there.
Teamcore Resources is a digital door lock and hotel door lock supplier. We possess more than 15 years of experience of in smart door lock industry and provide hospitality solution. After the 15 years dedication and hardworking, Teamcore Resources is now one of the best hotel lock and digital door lock suppliers in Malaysia.
Our products are used and trusted by many customers in Malaysia. We are granted a considerable number of authoritative certifications, SIRIM, UL, CE etc. At the same time, we also have long lasting cooperated relationships with multiple excellent dealers and companies. We always hold the vision and mission of serving you better, high quality and contribute to create a better society. Improving customers’ lives and experience would always be our goal. We make these statements based on truth.
Let me introduce our hospitality solution for the hotel operators. We crafted our hotel door lock system brand HUNE to serve you better. HUNE smart lock management system requires only a host computer, a card encoder and a software to operate. Authorized system is integrated to the PMS system for data safety and convenience. Room card issuing, room status checking and hotel management can be handled only via one system to save maintenance cost. Host computer is for installing lock management software, card encoder is for reading and encoding (issue) the card. Smart card lock is independent, wireless, battery operated, can store 240 unlock records. And the batteries have high capacity and low consumption, they can function 18 to 24 months perfectly in normal use.
We also support SQL database, multiple computers can issue card at the same time and offer the software interfaces (DLL) to connect the lock management software with other hotel management systems (already gained the interface license of international micros Fidelio/Opera, with database automatic backup function, preventing the system crash by any wrong or inappropriate operation. Our user-interface is friendly and easy to operate, we use well-design icons to indicate the different specific room states, multiple shortcut buttons connect with different independent operations. Lastly, the system is equipped with distinct management responsibility, different hotel staffs have different level of permission to access the systems. Besides this solution, our hotel door lock system also comes in more functions, such as NFC and Bluetooth, more convenient for you to set up the locks, more options for you to unlock your doors. We did our best to try to meet your requirement.
We hope this information would be sufficient to prove that HUNE is an available and good options, and for you to compare with other hotel locks suppliers, so that you can make a decision better, we will be glad if we could help you. Hopefully we would establish a partnership one day. If you are interested, you can also check out our products pages for more details. 

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Digital locks for doors

Mar 11, 2021
Digital locks for doors
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Digital locks for doors

Having a digital lock for doors was a great change for me! You no longer have to bring your keys out when leaving home, which honestly was quite a hassle. Thanks to the latest technology developments, digital locks come with various functionality including face recognition and smartphone connectivity. Some digital locks even allow you to create a temporary password that can be useful for your family and friends. With an extensive variety of digital locks in the market, which then is the best digital door lock in Malaysia? Here we introduce the 10 Best Digital Locks for Doors in Malaysia, recommending you quality options that suit your home, apartment, condominium etc.

Best Digital Locks for doors in Malaysia

Hune H270

Hune, one of the best digital locks brand for door in Malaysia, Hune has always been a reliable and trustworthy brand when it comes to home digital door lock. Hune H270 Digital Lock provides ease of use and top-notch security. What’s great is that everything is manageable from your smartphone. You can receive notifications when visitors arrive with your phone acting as your doorbell, and you can check the status of your door lock from anywhere. You may also choose from 6 different unlocking methods – Bluetooth app, fingerprint, RFID card, password, mechanical key and WiFi (optional).
Dimension: 270(H) x 70(W) x 25(D) mm
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Mechanical Key, WiFi (optional)
Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AA Alkaline Batteries
Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (200), RFID Card (200)
Colour: Black


Hune 330

Hune H330 has the similar function with Hune H270. The difference between these 2 digital locks is the length of the lock body where Hune H330 is longer than Hune H270 to cover the existing hole on the door. It is also suitable to install on security door. Dreaming of having a fingerprint lock but have other priorities to budget for? While a digital lock can usually cost you a hefty sum, this Hune H330 digital door lock is a much affordable digital lock in Malaysia.
Dimension: 330(H) x 70(W) x 25(D) mm
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Mechanical Key, WiFi (optional)
Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AA Alkaline Batteries
Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (200), RFID Card (200)
Colour: Black

Hune X2

Turn your Airbnb, homestay, or hotel into a smart place that impresses your guests with the Hune X2 Digital Door Lock. On top of its smartphone accessibility, it has features that let you manage your Airbnb easily just from the mobile app. You can select the specific date and schedule for your customers to access, track the user’s unlocking record, and delete the user. When the day comes, the password will be sent automatically to the user via SMS or email.
Dimension: 250(H) x 60(W) x 21(D) mm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Bluetooth App, Mechanical Key
Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AAA Alkaline Batteries
Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (200), Card (200)
Colour: Black

Does your door compatible to these digital door locks?? Pm us to get the FREE Consultation. We supply the digital door lock in whole Malaysia.

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Best Airbnb Smart Lock in Malaysia

Feb 5, 2021

Best Airbnb Smart Lock in Malaysia

Tired of scheduling your life around guests' arrival times or getting locks rekeyed when guests misplace the keys?
Smart locks offer a simple solution to people who manage vacation rental properties in Malaysia. By using smart locks, you can facilitate self check-in and checkout for your guests by using passcodes that expire when your guests check out.
In addition, a digital door lock makes your Airbnb rental more secure: Some models connect to your smartphone and smart home devices, allowing you to monitor who comes in and out of your rental.

Recommended Digital Door Locks for Airbnb in Malaysia

With a smart lock you can save time and money from not having to physically meet someone for check-in. Plus, offering self check-in via a smart lock can make your Airbnb rental more appealing, meaning your listing will attract more bookings.
It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the different types of smart locks out there, so here's some of our favourite smart locks for Airbnb rentals on the market right now.

HUNE H270 & H330 Digital Door Lock

Both have all the features you would expect from a high-end lock, such as good design, Wi-Fi connectivity, ability to add multiple passcodes, and automatic lock and unlock modes.
Not needing Wi-Fi to set up the lock is a main selling point of Hune H270 and H300 digital door lock as some Airbnb rentals do not have internet access. The lock is also fairly cheap compared to the others on this list, making it an attractive buy for Airbnb hosts.

4 Major Factors to Consider Before Buying a Smart Lock

Let’s break down the major things to look for when choosing the perfect smart lock for your Airbnb rental.

1. How easy it is to change the passcode

Believe it or not, there are bad people out there who may want to access your property after they have checked out of your Airbnb. Making sure the passcode can be changed easily will save you lots of time, and you won’t have to worry about previous guests re-entering the rental.

2. How easy it is to adjust the lock to fit your door

If every door and lock were built to a standard dimension, it would be easy to fit a deadbolt lock to your door. But they are not. Some are not aligned correctly, and some holes in the doorframe are not deep enough to accommodate the deadbolt rod.
Make sure you are either buying the right spec for your door or that the deadbolt on your smart lock is adjustable.

3. Durability and weather-proofing

Airbnb endure a lot of use, and your smart lock needs to be able to withstand that heavy load. Make sure your Airbnb smart lock is built of quality materials that will stand the test of time and the elements.


FAQs About Airbnb Smart Locks

We know you have lots of questions about smart locks, so let's go over some of the most common questions we get about using smart locks for an Airbnb rental.

How do smart locks for Airbnb work?

Using a smart lock for your Airbnb rental is quite simple. Once you’ve installed the lock, all you need to do is set a passcode, and then tell it to your guest over the Airbnb messaging system once their stay is approved.
This makes it easy because you don’t need to physically meet the customer to let them into your rental. Plus, self check-in is something some Airbnb customers look for when choosing their rental, so you may actually attract more bookings as a result.

Do smart locks need Wi-Fi?

Some smart locks need Wi-Fi, others don’t. Most of them only require Wi-Fi for setup and not day-to-day use.

Do smart locks need power?

Most smart locks run on an internal battery inside the unit. Once this battery goes flat, you can usually use a 9-volt battery, power bank or a key to get in depending on the lock.

Purchasing a Smart Lock for Your Airbnb
A smart lock is a must-have for any Airbnb rental. A smart lock with self check-in increases the value of your Airbnb property and makes it easier for guests to access your rental.
Plus, it frees you from scheduling around your guests’ arrival and departure times, making your life easier as an Airbnb host. Not to mention that smart locks give you more control over who has access to your property and makes your home or rental more secure.

We hope our picks for the smart locks for Airbnb rentals have made your purchasing decision easier. Just make sure you keep the factors in mind before choosing your smart lock. Choosing the wrong one could be a costly decision that is easily avoidable! If you are looking for a Airbnb digital door lock, feel free to contact us.

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Smart security for a connected home in Malaysia

Jan 19, 2021
Smart security for a connected home in Malaysia
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Smart security for a connected home in Malaysia 

In today's world, people are gradually adapting to ''smart'' devices not only in the workplace but also at home. Intelligent security is the inevitable choice for experts and users to revisit again and again! Of course, when we talk about smart security, we will eventually think of smart locks!
Smart locks in today's world provide multiple options for access and availability.
Most smart locks use Bluetooth or wireless technology for operation, and they rely on battery operation, so they can maintain efficiency even when the power is off.
The most convenient feature in such smart locks is that you can easily share the access of the lock with the person of your choice through email or through the respective mobile application for the particular smart lock and also at the same time you can revoke the access when the use is over!
You can easily monitor access to the lock, view transaction records and receive notifications about transactions.
In terms of hardware, some smart locks can be integrated with the existing fixing bolts on the door, while others require special smart locks.
Today, there are many options for smart locks, such as: 

Bluetooth Smart Locks:
If you are the kind of person who always forgets the door key and key combination, then this option will help all of you! In this case, you can purchase Bluetooth settings, which can be linked with your mobile phone and can perform functions such as automatically locking the door 30 seconds after leaving home.
You can also use NFC technology to program these locks to open the door when you are within a certain range.
This type of lock can also choose to use a key fob so that you can give it to guests or trusted people.

PIN / Fingerprint smart locks:
For those who also find it inconvenient to carry their phone with them, you can use the owner's fingerprint or PIN code to access this lock! This type of lock is mainly used in shared houses or houses that require frequent access.

Wi-Fi Smart Locks:
For those who believe in and plan to own a smart home, or for those who already own a smart home, this smart lock is heaven! These types of locks can easily work with your home network for easy keyless entry. You can share access rights by sending ''invites'' to people you trust, and you can also track and monitor access rights through mobile apps.

Smart Padlocks:
In order to protect your house and property, you must use these locks when you are not at home! The smart padlock can be connected with your Bluetooth devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.), and you can easily access or lock the door and protect assets through a mobile application. These locks can stay locked for up to 22 years without charging! However, once the battery is low, you will be notified.

Why you should use smart locks? 
In today's world, using smart locks is very meaningful, because they can free you from the hassle of keys and remember those difficult combinations! The concept of ''smart home'' is no longer a concept. People are using and adopting smart technology at home to make life easier! These smart devices not only rank first in terms of cost, but also in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Therefore, smart lock is just the next progressive way in that direction.

If you are looking for a digital door lock, we provide digital lock installation in KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor etc. Contact us now to get a suitable digital door lock.
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Battery of Digital Door Lock In Malaysia

Jan 6, 2021
Battery of Digital Door Lock In Malaysia
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Battery For Digital Door Lock in Malaysia

Here are common questions about this topic in Malaysia:
What kind of battery do we use?

Basically, most digital locks can only be powered by 1.5V AA alkaline batteries.
By default, all door locks have batteries in their packaging, but the batteries in the packaging are usually weak or not durable. These batteries are used for testing purposes after the installation is complete. We always recommend customers replace new batteries once the testing is done.
For best results, we only recommend that you use alkaline batteries. These types of batteries are most suitable for use with our locks, and depending on the frequency of use, they can usually last up to 12 months. There are many AA battery brands on the market that are trustworthy. Our most recommended brand is Energizer (without Max or Max Plus) / Duracell / Panasonic Evolta
Tested by our customers, Energizer, Duracell and Panasonic batteries are considered to have stronger anti-leakage capabilities. 4 batteries can use the digital lock for up to 15 months (depending on usage).
Battery leakage is the number one killer of digital lock failures. Please check it regularly to avoid locking up any rising problems.

Tips on the maintenance of the digital lock battery: 

1) Only use alkaline batteries 
2) No rechargeable battery 
3) Do not mix new batteries with old batteries 
4) If possible, Change batteries every 8 - 10 months. 
5) Diligently check for battery leakage every 6 months.
6) Avoid lithium, carbon-zinc and rechargeable batteries altogether.

To ensure that the risk of your digital door lock failure is reduced, you should start maintenance from the battery. To purchase a digital door lock in Malaysia, please contact us immediately for price details.
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The Features of TTLock APP You Should Know

Dec 22, 2020
The Features of TTLock APP You Should Know
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How to use TTLock App

   Have you ever imagined that what makes digital locks ‘smart’? Many people in Malaysia are using digital door lock. Digital locks in today’s world are not just smart because they can provide a keyless access!
  Digital door lock also called as smart door lock, they are called smart door lock because they can provide an easy way to manage and monitor the digital locks, and also provide convenience and ease of use for users.


Nowadays, most digital locks are very smart, because it uses TTLock APP to support it. The application can handle lock operations and help to manage digital door locks effectively.
  The TTLock App has a lot of other features than just unlocking the lock and providing different modes of access for your smart lock.
These other special features are designed to provide you with a very user-friendly and easy way to manage and monitor TTLock APP.
  Next, let’s dive into what these other features are and what can they do for you if you have a digital door lock in Malaysia?
Feature of TTLock APP

 Send eKey

With this function, you can share the eKey with the person you choose, so that you can safely share access permissions! You only need to select the ''Send eKey'' option, and then select the type of eKey you want to share.
The user can use options such as ''Timed'' and ''Permanent''. Through these options, he can set time limits for eKeys.
Generate and send password
Sharing access has become easier and more intuitive! Another feature of Shared Smart Access is that you can generate a password, and then share the password with the person you choose!
Schedule your password
Now you can arrange the password by choosing the type of password you want! This can be done by choosing from a series of options from fixed and timed passwords to recurring passwords that are activated only in a fixed mode during a certain period of time.


You will know who opened the digital lock, when it was opened, the unlock method used by the personnel, etc. These constant notifications allow you to continuously monitor the activity on the digital door lock.
In this way, you can remotely manage TTLock APP without worrying about the safety of your house and property! You will receive phone notifications about everything that happened in TTLock APP!
Transfer and share admin    
In this function you can transfer admin rights to the person you choose at will, or another option called ''Share Admin'' allows you to share your admin rights with specific people when needed.
Modify existing password
 This option helps to modify the time period assigned to a specific type of password.
Which means that you only need to select this option to change the time-related specifications of access shared by password.
The user should be proficient in the functions available in the application. Because understanding them can makes it easy to operate and manage the locks!
For those who have not yet downloaded the application, please welcome to visit the TTLock APP and download it to use.
For the end hope this blog can help everyone understand about TTLock APP and use the application in the best way!
If you are looking for a digital door lock, we provide digital lock installation in KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor etc. Contact us now to get a suitable digital door lock.

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Digital door lock without handle in Malaysia

Dec 10, 2020
Digital door lock without handle in Malaysia
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Digital door lock in Malaysia

Digital door lock is a way to replace the key or to add automatic features such as locking or unlocking remotely. Although most are seen in cars, many advanced security vendors are now offering digital door locks to families and businesses in Malaysia.

In any type of digital door lock, bolts are made to block the door and door frames, preventing entry especially house breaking in Malaysia. This can be a ''spring pin'', which is held in place by spring. It allows the door to close (but not re-open) when locked, or safer with ''dead seals'', kept in place for until manually unlocked.

In both cases, locking and unlocking is done by turning the visible part (a knob or a key) to move the bolt or lock.

Digital door lock without handle 

In Malaysia, most of the users are looking for digital door lock without handle. By the way, it is a misunderstanding from them because actually it is not the digital door lock without handle, it recognized as digital door lock with push pull handle and digital door lock with deadbolt only.

Thus,  we will like to introduce an affordable price and push pull handle and deadbolt digital door lock from the brand Loghome Korea, the Loghome Felice-F and Loghome LH610F.

Push pull handle digital door lock

Loghome Felice-F features and specifications

Size: 89.4 (W) X 423.4 (H) X 70.5 (D) mm

Unlocking way: Fingerprint, password, RFID Card, Mechanical Key

Material: Aluminium + Zinc 

Batteries: 4pcs of AA alkaline batteries


Password: 3~19 digits of password can be input

Fingerprint: Save up to 100 fingerprints

RFID Card: Up to 50 RFID Cards can be registered

Digital door lock with deadbolt only

Loghome LH610F features and specifications

Size: 70.5 (W) X 175.5 (H) X 27.4 (D) mm

Unlocking way: Fingerprint, password, RFID Card, Mechanical Key

Material: Aluminium + Zinc 

Batteries: 4pcs of AA alkaline batteries


Password: 3~19 digits of password can be input

Fingerprint: Save up to 100 fingerprints

RFID Card: Up to 50 RFID Cards can be registered

If you are looking a digital door lock without handle or a push pull handle digital door lock in Malaysia, contact us right now to get a good price. 

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Are digital door locks safe in Malaysia?

Nov 25, 2020
Are digital door locks safe in Malaysia?
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Are digital door locks safe in Malaysia?

This is the era of technology. In Malaysia, the average of every industries and every person’s life is being affected by technology. In directly, technology has now also become the medium of a person uses to move in and out and secure their home – that is digital door lock. Not too long ago in Malaysia, the only lock which most of the people knew was a geometric shape on their doors which they had to put a key through in order for them to unlock and get into their house. However, technology has changed locks, from the traditional lock to a modern digital lock.
The following are some of the latest types of digital door lock:
• Fingerprint door lock – Lock that scan the fingerprints of the user in order to authorize their entry.
• Smart card lock- Smart card lock, also known as proximity lock, require the user to carry a access card where the user need to scan the access card at the card reader to open the door.
• Smart phone controlled lock - These locks use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to control their door locks via their smart phones.
• Keypad lock- Keypad locks require users to enter passcodes in order to open them, and also support phantom password to increase security of the door lock.

Are Digital Door Locks Safe?

Technology has changed the traditional keyed locks that last time the world knew and loved until recently into the digital door locks. Well the question is, is these changes good or bad? Are digital door locks actually safe? Digital door locks are always safe than normal, non-electronic, keyed locks in Malaysia.
It is true that open a keyed lock is not a tough task for the thefts because they are often made of low quality materials, making them easily broken by burglar, which can take an unprecedented amount of damage. However, almost all of the digital locks that use fingerprints, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and tend to prevent the out of power, the user can use a backup key to unlock their door too.
Forced house breaking is a major risk that comes with traditional keyed locks, but it is also possible although a person has a digital door lock installed in their house door. However, a person can decrease the risk of forced house breaking substantially by simply reinforcing their door with digital lock that are made of heavy-duty metal.
Are digital door locks safer than traditional door locks? Definitely yes, they are safer than keyed locks, so to increase the security of your home, a digital door lock is most definitely a good idea.
Want to install a digital door lock in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor)? Contact us for a free customized quote today.
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How Do Smart Locks Work?

Nov 12, 2020
How Do Smart Locks Work?
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How Do Smart Locks Work?

There are a lot of great smart devices out there that would be cool to have. And then there are devices that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them.
Smart locks are at the top of that list. With a smart lock, you can ditch your keys and enjoy the safety and convenience of managing your lock wherever you are.
Take a look at how a smart lock works and some of the benefits they provide over a traditional door lock.

What are smart locks and how do they work?

Smart locks are keyless door locks that allow you to open your door without a physical key. They can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app. Many models feature a numeric keypad on the lock for entering a unique access code.
A smart lock connects to your home's WiFi network, which allows it to receive the code or smartphone command to lock or unlock.
While some smart locks require you to completely replace your entire lock system, others fit right over your existing lock system or only require a few modifications.
When smart locks are integrated into a complete smart home, they can also integrate with other devices, like a smart speaker or your security system. However, they need to be connected to a smart home hub that enables all the devices to work together.

Do you really need a smart lock?

Your house key locks and unlocks your front door. That's it. But if you're looking for something more than bare bones basic functionality, then a smart lock is the way to go. Some of the ways smart locks make life easier (and your home safer) include:
  • Control your front door no matter where you are.
With a smart lock, your smartphone doubles as your key. There’s no need to rush home to beat your guests or a delivery driver to the door; simply log onto your app and unlock your front door from wherever you are.
  • Codes over keys.
If you’ve ever stood at your front door while digging through your bag to find your keys, you’ll appreciate the keyless functionality that lets you unlock your door with a simple code—no key required.
  • No more hide-a-keys.
Smart locks eliminate the need for making copies of your key for everyone. This is also much safer than having multiple copies of your house key floating around, protecting your home from potential burglaries.
  • Notifications help you remember to lock up.
If you’ve ever left your house in a rush to make it to work or drop off your kids on time, you know the worried feeling that comes with wondering whether or not you remembered to lock your door on the way out. Many smart locks will send you notifications on your phone if you forgot to lock your door, so you can quickly lock it with the tap of a button.

Smart locks as part of an integrated smart home 

A smart lock integrated into a smart home system makes life easier in a number of ways:
  • Know who's coming or going.
You can make up to 30 unique access codes for everyone who needs to get into your house, from the babysitter to dog sitter to your own kids. Your system keeps a log of which code was used and when, so you know exactly who is coming and going. You can also receive notifications on your smartphone when a code is used.
  • Create guest codes for visitors.
Preparing for out-of-town visitors can be stressful enough without having to run and get a copy of your key made or coordinate your schedules so you're home when they arrive. Just make a temporary access code for your guests so they can come and go as they please. Then, when they leave, you can delete the code.
  • Create custom rules.
You can also create custom rules for your smart lock, such as locking doors automatically after a certain amount of time, or arming your security system and turning off your lights when you lock your front door.
  • Lock your door with the sound of your voice.
Want to make sure your door is locked, but your smartphone is charging in another room? No problem, when your smart lock is integrated with a system that includes a Google Home or Amazon Echo. Just say, ''Hey Google, lock the front door.'' It's that simple.
  • Leave with one touch
If your morning rush includes juggling kids, book bags, keys, your wallet, and more, you'd probably welcome anything that makes getting out the door easier. With a smart home system, one-touch leaving locks your door, arms your security system, turns off the lights, and adjusts the thermostat to save energy—all with the simple touch of the lock button.
  • Arm your security system at night easily
You don't need to make the rounds to get your house night time ready by checking locks or going from room to room to turn the lights off. You can rest easy knowing that once you arm your system, your doors lock, your lights turn off, and your temperature adjusts automatically—all thanks to the custom actions of your integrated system. It's as simple as the touch of a button or a voice command.
Some smart locks are simple to install, but others can turn into a complicated project, depending on your comfort level with hardware and technology.
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The Advantages of Using a Keypad Lock System

Oct 29, 2020
The Advantages of Using a Keypad Lock System
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The Advantages of Using a Keypad Lock System

The main purpose of a door lock is to keep a facility or property secure. If you’re considering installing a keypad lock, you will want to get informed about their benefits in commercial and residential settings.
Padlock for door is one of the best ways to go keyless and safeguard a property. Often, keypad lock operates in connection with access control systems. Learn more about how keypad locks work and their advantages.

How Keypad Lock Works

Instead of a key, this type of electronic door locks requires a numerical code to grant entry to a facility or property. The code is punched in by users via a numerical pad, similar to those on a basic calculator. If the correct code is entered, the door lock or deadbolt should release. Some mechanisms require batteries or a small electrical current in order to unlock.
Some keypad locks have an integrated security feature that keeps the door locked for a set amount of time (usually 10 to 15 minutes) after several incorrect attempts to enter the code.


Benefits of Keypad Locks

There are many benefits to choosing the best pad lock over conventional locking mechanisms.
  1. Convenience of a Keypad Lock

The biggest advantage is convenience. It eliminates the necessity of keys. There’s no need to carry them around, keep track of copies and spares, or change the door lock when a key is stolen or misplaced. Children, guests and service providers can be given their own code or a temporary code, rather than a key.
  1. Higher Security

Keypad lock has a different hardware design than other types of locks. They don’t have cylinder mechanisms, so they essentially cannot be picked or bumped like conventional locks. This keeps the building more secure.
Instead of risking losing keys and having to rekey or change out the lock. With a keypad lock system, it’s easy to change the security pin code whenever necessary.
  1. Enhanced Durability

Traditional keys and locks wear down over time; it becomes more difficult to get it to turn and function properly. Padlock for door is much more durable than conventional locks. A high-quality keypad door lock should last longer with standard hardware.
  1. Easy Digital Door Lock Installation

Many property owners in Malaysia think that if they want to install a keypad lock, they’ll have to make major adjustments to door or frames. That’s not true. In most cases, padlock for door can be easily installed on standard doors, just like any standard lock. Mechanical and battery-powered keypad locks are available which don’t require connection to a power source.
  1. Integration with Access Control Systems

Keypad lock systems can be used as part of an access control system. This allows companies to restrict entry permission, even when using a correct code, during certain hours of the day or night. Businesses can also place a keypad entry system within the interior of a building. This restricts access to certain parts of the facility. It’s handy for business owners who want to limit employee access to certain parts of an office complex during certain times of the day. Keypad lock is the best electronic door locks for their choice.
Based on the above benefits, you can see why keypad lock have become increasingly popular for residential and commercial applications. However, one thing that is worth nothing about keypad lock systems is that they’re generally more expensive than conventional locks. The cost of keypad lock is high.
We’ve been installing and servicing all kinds of digital lock – including keypad lock, fingerprint door lock or other digital door lock. We are experienced digital door lock supplier in whole Malaysia area including Selangor, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and so on. For more information on the best padlock and how they might be able to better serve your home or office, contact us now.

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